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Composer Steph Copeland is Awarded the 2018 Christopher Dedrick Award for Live Musicians in Media Soundtracks

Toronto, September 18, 2018 - The Screen Composers Guild of Canada (SCGC) and the Ontario Arts Foundation are delighted to announce Steph Copeland is the 2018 recipient of the Christopher Dedrick Award for Live Musicians in Media Soundtracks.   

Steph Copeland

Steph Copeland, a classically trained vocalist, is a composer for feature films (Antisocial 1 and 2, Let Her Out, Bed of The Dead, Ejecta, Bite) as well as commercials (PanAm Games and BOSE). Copeland also writes for popular and electro/pop artists as well as writing and producing her own material, including her debut album "Public Panic" in 2015.

The use of live musicians in Copeland’s compositions for the upcoming film “I’ll Take Your Dead” (2018 Black Fawn Films/Breakthrough Entertainment) were made possible with the assistance of the Christopher Dedrick Music Fund.

"As a composer of independent Canadian films, it is often difficult to work with live musicians due to budget constraints.  The Christopher Dedrick Music Fund allowed me to work with violinist Brigit O'Regan which elevated the score beyond my expectations," said Steph Copeland.  "Thanks to awards like these, composers and musicians have a chance to reach our artistic goals and higher production standards on an indie budget.  Thank you so much to the Screen Composers Guild of Canada and the Ontario Arts Foundation."

The Christopher Dedrick Award was established in memory of Christopher Dedrick, an award-winning screen composer and past-president of the SCGC, to encourage and support the hiring and use of live musicians in the production of media music soundtracks. This annual cash prize of $1,200 is awarded to a SCGC member in good standing, and is adjudicated by a Selection Committee comprised of SCGC peers. The Award is administered by the SCGC on behalf of the Ontario Arts Foundation.

For information, please contact:

Tonya Dedrick, Managing Director
Screen Composers Guild of Canada
Tel: (416) 410-5076

Alan Walker, Executive Director
Ontario Arts Foundation
Tel: (416) 969-7413


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About Christopher Dedrick
Chris Dedrick was a music producer, arranger, and a classical and soundtrack composer. He worked with directors Guy Maddin and Don McKellar, winning a Genie Award for Maddin's The Saddest Music in the World. In 1997 Dedrick won a Gemini Award for his work on the television series Road to Avonlea. Chris was nominated a total of 16 times for Gemini awards, winning a total of four, the others for Million Dollar Babies, Shipwreck on the Skeleton Coast and The Great Canadian Polar Bear Adventure.

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