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Gina Wilkinson Prize Receives a Donation of $80,000

Toronto, August 6, 2014 – Through an extraordinary act of generosity, the Gina Wilkinson Prize received a contribution of $80,000 from the beneficiaries of the Estate of Elsie V. Adamson. Gina Wilkinson’s brother, Martin Wilkinson, a Victoria based financial advisor, was a long-time friend and advisor to Mrs. Adamson.

Gina Wilkinson


The Gina Wilkinson Fund, which is administered by the Ontario Arts Foundation, was established through the generous support of Gina’s colleagues and admirers from across the country. The annual prize of $2,000 honours a female theatre artist who is making the transition to directing from another theatre discipline.



This special donation by the estate beneficiaries will significantly grow the fund and award amount in future years. “I know Elsie would be proud to have supported my sisters’ fund. We all miss her deeply” says Martin Wilkinson.

An actor for over 20 years, Gina Wilkinson began turning her attention to both writing and directing, and in the last years of her too short life, established herself as a daring and inventive director in the Canadian theatre community. The fund has grown through the support and contributions from Gina’s family, friends and many associates in the theatre. The 2014 laureate was Christine Brubaker of Toronto, Ontario.


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