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Raymonde April

Art Photographer

Paul deHueck and Norman Walford Career Achievement Award - Art Photography

2005 Recipient

" Being involved with young artists (at Concordia) at an early stage in their careers, I am impressed with the generosity, curiosity and understanding of private donors who give their support through fellowships and acquisitions. "


What are you currently doing?

I teach at Concordia University in the Studio arts department, Photo program.  I have been teaching since 1986 and am starting a 3-year gradual retirement, for 2019. I will never stop doing my artist work !

My recent exhibitions in Montreal featured the work I did in Mumbai, India, during a 4-month residency. Titled Near You No Cold, the two parallel exhibitions included approximately 60 photographs and a 20 min. video. 

In 2013, I have put together a research group with emerging artists and grad students, called Outre-Vie / Afterlife. We meet regularly to exchange our research and our ideas. We explore the many lives of photographs : images have afterlives when they are reused, appropriated, re-contextualized, juxtaposed, etc; images contain, reproduce, evoke memory; they have their own life and generate fiction.  Our group just had a show in VU, an artist-run centre in Quebec city.


What did receiving the Paul deHueck and Norman Walford Career Achievement Award in Art Photography mean to you? 

It was a great honor and a recognition. And it was such a happy surprise ! I had just been working really hard on many projects when the good news arrived.

What does private arts philanthropy mean to you as a working artist?

I believe this was the first time that I was granted such an award and it made me feel good about the work I do.  Being involved with young artists at an early stage in their careers, I often meet with private donors who give us their support in the form of fellowships and acquisitions and I am always impressed with their generosity, curiosity, and understanding.


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