Personal Philanthropy

Private funds, awards and scholarships administered by the Ontario Arts Foundation



The Ontario Arts Foundation has a proven track record in managing endowment funds. Arts patrons have the assurance that their gifts will be effectively administered now and in the years to come.  

The Foundation works closely with patrons to establish endowments to create awards and scholarships. These endowments reflect the interests of patrons and their creative approaches to supporting the arts.

Over $3 million in income has been paid out in support of the arts from funds established by individuals.

•     Louis Applebaum Composers Award

•     Laura Ciruls Painting Fund

•     Virginia and Myrtle Cooper Award in Costume Design

•     William and Mary Corcoran Craft Awards

•     K.M. Hunter Artist Awards

•     Douglas James Dales Fund

•     Christopher Dedrick Fund

•     Paul de Hueck and Norman Walford Career Achievement Awards

•     Eldred Family Dance Award

•     Hal Jackman Fund

•     Mary Jolliffe Award for Senior Arts Administrators 

•     Hugh D. McKellar Fund

•     Kathleen McMorrow Music Award

•     Ontario Arts Foundation Artist Educator Award

•     Orford String Quartet Fund

•     Christina and Louis Quilico Awards

•     Ruth & Sylvia Schwartz Children’s Book Awards

•     Ellen Ross Stuart Opening Doors Awards

•     Tafelmusik, Horst Dantz and Don Quick Endowed Fund

•     Tim Sims Encouragement Fund Award

•     Le Fonds Héritage Richard - Vaillancourt Legacy Fund

•     The Gina Wilkinson Prize

•     Wuchien Michael Than Fund


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