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The Gina Wilkinson Prize 

Gina Wilkinson was a prolific actor/playwright and a stage director in constant demand.  Her sudden passing was a great loss to her family, friends and the theatre community who cherished her joy, energy, and great lust for life. 

In memory of Gina’s great talent and in celebration of her life, Gina's Prize was established as an annual award, offering financial support to a female identifying theatre artist/leader who is exploring new models of storytelling in the diverse and culturally specific theatre communities in what is now known as Canada.



Current Recipient
2021   Yvette Nolan

Yvette Nolan, winner of the 2021 Gina Wilkinson Prize

Past Recipients

2020  Jasmine Chen
2019  Anita La Selva
2018  Tanja Jacobs
2017  Kimberley Rampersad
2016  Kelli Fox
2015  Valerie Planche
2014  Christine Brubaker
2013  Krista Jackson

2012  Ann-Marie Kerr


Award and Nomination Details 

News Releases

Yvette Nolan Awarded the 2021 Gina Wilkinson Prize   March 10, 2021
A Reimagined Gina Wilkinson Prize for 2021   December 2, 2020


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