Personal Philanthropy

Laura Ciruls Painting Fund

Laura Ciruls was a professional graphic and web designer, as well as a traditional acrylic and watercolour painter. Through way of a bequest, Laura set up the Laura Ciruls Painting Fund, to recognize artists like herself, who were contributing to the development of painting in Ontario.

This award, beginning in 2012, will be awarded annually to an artist who is past the early stages of their professional career.


Prize:  $7,000


Current Recipient
2022     Miguel Hernandez Autorino

Why I left, Oil on Canvas,  16” x 20” 2022

Past Recipients
2021     Roberto Rosenman
2020     Mike Gough
2019     Alex Bierk
2018     Daniel Hutchinson
2017     Dorian FitzGerald
2016     Steven Volpe
2015     Sasha Pierce
2014     Melissa Doherty
2013     Andrew Rucklidge
2012     Jinny Yu

News Releases

Artist Miguel Hernandez Autorino is awarded the Laura Ciruls Painting Award  October 11, 2022

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